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        Coal rods machine

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        • 产品品牌   wanqi
        • 产品型号   wanqi
        • 产品描述

          This machine is a kind briquette machine which can press the powder of coal, charcoal, carbon black ...



        This machine is a kind of briquette 春秋彩票平台怎么样 which can press the powder of coal, charcoal, carbon black and other materials into rods which has certain intensity, the shape of rods can be round, six prismatic, square and so on. Also the rod shape can be customized. The rods have large heating value, high economic benefit, The machine is widely used in chemical fertilizer factory, boiler and so on.
        Working principle:

        1.The motor transmits power to transmission through the V-belt. 
        2.At the same time, the transmission output shaft transmits power to propeller through the floating coupling.
        3. The thruster of propeller push the materials forward through forming die to produce the high-pressure sticks.


        Our machine is mainly adopted in coal ash, coal mud, coke powder, coking coal, charcoal and desulfurnization gypsum powder briquette industries.It can also do shisha charcoal and silver charcoal!

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