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        Charcoal briquette

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        Brief introduction of charcoal extruder machine:

        This machine is the main equipment to use sawdust,  straw, leaves, bark, rice husk, scraps of furniture factory, sawdust, bamboo sawdust, peanut shells and corn cob. and other agricultural wastes.( Without adding any additives) Under high pressure to make it into hollow rod solid charcoal fuel

        Process of charcoal extruder machine:

        The charcoal equipment includes crusher(grinder), dryer, rods machine, carbonization furnace and auxiliary equipments. And the charcoal production process can be material crushing, drying, rods molding and carbonization. The rods machine and dryer are the main equipment for the charcoal manufacture. Wanqi dryer has the advantages of automatically feeding, one time fully drying, no material loss in feeding port or discharge port and it can suport several 春秋彩票平台怎么样 working together  at same time.

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