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        Continuous Carbonization furnace

        2015/5/9 15:33:42      点击:

        Brief introduction of continuous carbonization furnace

        Burning the raw material inside of the gasification furnace (as sawdust, shell, Palm shell, husk, straw, wood scrap etc.), the produced flue gas in pipeline within after spray pour, cooling purification, became combustible gas (carbon monoxide, methane, ethane,), as early carbonization of heat, heating and carbonizing the raw material inside of the carbonization furnace(as mechanism core rod, abandoned logs, bark, coconut shell, life garbage,etc.)

        Specification of continuous carbonization furnace

        During the production process, carbonization start carbonizing when the temperature reach to 260-600 degrees Celsius inner the furnace, the highest temperature can reach to 800-900 degrees Celsius. Temperature could be regulated and controlled by control cabinet.The carbonization time is 4 to 6 hours (13 m3 / pot).according to different raw materials.


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